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"TOWER TO THE PEOPLE" is Now Shipping!

   Available Alone or in a Collectible Gift Set...

Purchase this award-winning documentary as a stand-alone Bluray/DVD Combo Set, or as a part of the beautiful TESLA'S DREAM COLLECTOR SET, which includes a magnificent crystal 3d laser-engraved etching of WARDENCLYFFE TOWER! The LED light-up crystal base is not only energy efficient (Tesla would certainly approve!) but octagon shaped... just like the actual historic base!  This is the ONLY collectible of Wardenclyffe Tower in existence with an accurate depiction of the cupola. The tower crystal is 4" x 2" x "2 and the light-up base is 1-1/4 high x 3" wide. You just have to see this magnificent treasure in person! So lifelike you may expect it to transmit wireless electricity! A wonderful gift for the Tesla enthusiast or any lover of history, science or independent films! 


Purchase the Bluray/DVD Combo Set or Online Version...

If you don't want to wait for your TOWER TO THE PEOPLE Bluray/DVD Combo Set, you can watch instantly through iTunes, Amazon Video, Google Play, Vimeo or The VHX platform is available worldwide, and has a version with Serbo-Croatian Subtitles available. See the documentary streamed from the VHX online viewer, or download and view on your TV or mobile device. Compatible with Apple TV, Chromecast, Roku, Smart TV, Xbox 360, PS4 and more!


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