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INVISIBLE THREADS: From Wireless to War

Spies, Sabotage & Secret Codes

On the eve of an imminent global conflict- spies, subterfuge and sabotage emerge as the birth of a new technology changes the world forever. While Nikola Tesla, Guglielmo Marconi and a mysterious German wireless plant compete for radio supremacy off the East Coast of New York, the unseen casualties of war threaten to divide a nation. Hidden secrets, sabotage and a legendary ship sinking were all part of a forgotten wireless plant called Telefunken, a story linked through history by invisible threads.

In his first documentary since TOWER TO THE PEOPLE, award-winning director/researcher Joseph Sikorski sheds light on an amazing, yet unknown part of history. The result of over a decade of research, INVISIBLE THREADS utilizes technology to provide restored historical imagery and rare photographs at a resolution and clarity never-before-seen. Sophisticated 3D models allow for new perspectives from existing 2d photos to help bring the lost past to life.